My lawyer's office offers legal aid in:

1. Criminal cases – including:

  • Participating in both preparatory proceedings and in trials, formulating appeals, grieviances and reversals.
  • Assistance during enforcement proceedings in the matter of postponement of carrying out a sentence, conditional stay of the carrying out of a sentence, motions concerning conditional release from serving the full sentence and recess in carrying out a sentence.

2. Civil cases – including:

  • formulating lawsuits, motions, appeals, reversals, petitions in the matter of resumption of cases, representation in cases concerning property law, labor law, contract liabilities and law of succession in all court instances, both in litigious and non-litigious proceedings.

3. Divorce and separation cases and other cases concerning family law – including:

  • Formulating divorce petitions with and without accounting guilt for a divorce along with necessary motions.
  • Legal aid in cases concerning relationships between children and parents.
  • Legal aid in vindication of child and spousal support.

4. Cases involving economical law – including:

  • Legal advice in the matter of establishing companies.
  • Providing lawyer’s service for companies.

5. Cases related to administrative law.

Providing legal advice in Polish, English and German.